Fog Alert: Dubai and Abu Dhabi Under Red Alert for Weather Conditions

Fog Alert: Dubai and Abu Dhabi Under Red Alert for Weather Conditions

Weather authorities have issued a significant fog alert for the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The red alert signifies the severity of the weather conditions, urging residents and travelers to stay cautious and vigilant. Dense fog can reduce visibility, making driving and navigation challenging. It is essential to take necessary precautions and stay updated with the latest weather advisories. Safety should be a top priority during this time, as foggy conditions can pose risks. Be prepared and stay informed to ensure a safe and smooth experience in these regions.

Under Red Alert for Weather Conditions

Date Areas with Fog Reported Visibility Impact Expected Weather Expected Temperature Wind Conditions Sea Conditions
Thursday Dubai: Al Maktoum Intl. Airport, Expo City, Al Minhad. Abu Dhabi: Seih Shuaib, Al Ajban, Arjan, Sweihan, Al Faya Bridge – Al Wathba road, Razeen. Reduced visibility until 9am. Mostly sunny, low clouds over eastern coast, probability of mist formation in coastal areas at night and Friday morning. Abu Dhabi: 48°C, Dubai: 41°C Light to moderate southwesterly to northwesterly winds, freshening at times, blowing dust westward (15–25kmph, reaching 40kmph). Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea: Slight to moderate at times

On Thursday morning, the UAE’s National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) issued red and yellow alerts in certain parts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi due to foggy conditions. Residents, especially motorists, were advised to exercise caution as the fog could significantly impact visibility on roads until 9 am.

As early as 6:16 am, fog was reported in specific areas of Dubai, including Al Maktoum International Airport, Expo City, and Al Minhad. In Abu Dhabi, fog was detected over Seih Shuaib, Al Ajban, Arjan, Sweihan, Al Faya Bridge – Al Wathba road, and Razeen.

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The NCM’s forecast for Thursday indicated mostly sunny weather, with temperatures expected to reach 48 degrees Celsius in Abu Dhabi and 41 degrees Celsius in Dubai.

According to the Met Department, low clouds were expected to form over the eastern coast, and it would be humid during the night and Friday morning. There was a probability of mist formation in certain coastal areas.

Throughout the daytime, light to moderate southwesterly to northwesterly winds were anticipated, occasionally causing blowing dust westward at a speed of 15–25 kmph and reaching up to 40 kmph.

In the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea, the sea conditions were expected to be slight to moderate at times.

During these foggy conditions, it’s crucial for everyone, especially motorists, to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions for their safety.

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