From TikTok to the Mainstream: The Resurgence of Pop Star Meghan Trainor

From TikTok to the Mainstream: The Resurgence of Pop Star Meghan Trainor

Witness the incredible comeback of pop sensation Meghan Trainor as she takes the music world by storm, transitioning from TikTok stardom to reclaiming her place in the mainstream. With her undeniable talent and catchy tunes, Meghan has captivated audiences worldwide, reigniting her career and solidifying her status as a pop icon. Through the power of social media and viral trends, she has reconnected with fans and introduced her music to a whole new generation. Join the exciting journey as Meghan Trainor triumphantly rises to the top, showcasing her musical prowess and leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Pop Star Meghan Trainor

Topic Description
Main Topic The resurgence of pop star Meghan Trainor through TikTok
TikTok Success Trainor’s use of TikTok to regain popularity and connect with a new generation of fans
Viral Videos Trainor’s videos on TikTok gaining millions of views, particularly the a cappella performance in a marble bathtub
Engagement Trainor’s ability to engage with TikTok users, responding to comments and reposting videos with her reactions
Music Career Resurgence Trainor’s previous visibility decline and the impact of TikTok in reviving her music career
Influence on Streams The role of TikTok in driving streams on platforms like Spotify and its influence on radio airplay and Billboard charts
TikTok’s Cultural Impact TikTok’s influence as a cultural shaper, especially among young demographics, and its impact on the music industry
Trainor’s TikTok Strategy Trainor’s intentional approach to studying successful TikTok trends and incorporating them into her own music, leading to the creation of catchy and timeless songs
Collaboration with Chris Olsen Trainor’s partnership with TikTok content creator Chris Olsen, who has played a significant role in advising and assisting Trainor with TikTok content creation
Serendipitous Virality Trainor’s songs going viral on TikTok without deliberate promotion, resulting in increased streams and royalties
TikTok’s Impact on Artists The challenges and opportunities artists face in navigating TikTok’s influence on their careers, including the need for organic virality and the creation of TikTok-friendly content
YouTube Shorts Trainor’s utilization of YouTube Shorts, a TikTok rival, to release exclusive previews of her music and tap into its potential for growing and retaining fans over time
Multi-platform Approach Trainor’s embrace of various short-form video platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify, recognizing the value they bring in expanding her reach and maintaining a sustainable music career

Meghan Trainor, the pop star sensation, took TikTok by storm with her captivating performances and strategic use of the platform. One standout moment was a spontaneous a cappella rendition of her hit single “Made You Look,” filmed in an empty marble bathtub with friends. The video quickly gained over 100 million views and became Trainor’s most popular TikTok post. This marked her triumphant return to the mainstream, reminiscent of her breakthrough success with the empowering anthem “All About That Bass” in 2014, which sold 5.8 million copies and earned her a Grammy Award.

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Today, TikTok has become a powerful force in the music industry, driving streams on platforms like Spotify and influencing radio airplay and Billboard charts. Trainor’s TikTok following has soared to nearly 18 million, thanks in part to the viral dance challenge sparked by “Made You Look.” While showcasing her own music and collaborations with emerging artists, Trainor has also embraced a playful and candid persona on the platform, sharing relatable moments like her experience with anal fissures.

During a recent interview, Trainor emphasized her freedom to express herself on TikTok without interference from her label, highlighting the platform’s appeal as a creative outlet rather than a job. Despite TikTok’s undeniable impact on US culture and the music industry, not all artists have fully embraced its potential like Trainor has. While some lawmakers have raised concerns about TikTok’s ownership, its influence continues to shape popular culture, particularly among the younger demographic.

‘From Forgotten to Resurgence: Meghan Trainor’s TikTok Revival Defies Expectations’

Meghan Trainor’s TikTok Revival: Rediscovering Fame and Fortune Through Viral Phenomenon

Social media can be a double-edged sword for celebrities, and Meghan Trainor experienced this firsthand when she scrolled through TikTok in 2021. Comments like “She’s still alive?” or “I thought you retired!” flooded videos featuring her songs, suggesting that people remembered her hits but were unaware of her recent activities.

In 2020, Trainor’s visibility had plummeted due to health issues and the pandemic’s shutdown, just as she was ready to reclaim the spotlight with her album “Treat Myself,” which she considered her best work. With no live performances or promotional opportunities, the album went unnoticed. Like many others, Trainor turned to TikTok while stuck at home, performing covers and participating in dance challenges. However, it wasn’t until late 2021 that she witnessed the unexpected phenomenon of her older songs going viral on the platform, chosen by TikTok users as the soundtrack to their own videos. It was a scaled-down version of the cultural moment that propelled Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 album “Rumours” to the top of the Billboard charts.

Trainor was astonished to learn that her debut album’s non-single track “Title” surged in popularity. She posted a dance video to the song and shared its unreleased music video, delighting fans who thought she had disappeared from the music scene. The sudden resurgence of her older songs not only reconnected her with fans but also had a significant impact on streaming platforms like Spotify, resulting in increased royalties. TikTok pays out some money to record labels, and when songs go viral, it generates additional revenue through increased streams. Trainor’s manager, Tommy Bruce, revealed that this unexpected surge in popularity translated into significant earnings through royalties.

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Trainor’s success on TikTok was a stroke of luck that music industry executives covet. The platform’s chaotic and disaggregated nature makes it challenging to manufacture such viral moments. For Trainor, the attention she received after her pandemic album was intoxicating. It made her realize the significance of TikTok and its love for her old-school sound. She studied her previous hits, such as “All About That Bass,” to understand their timeless appeal and incorporated those elements into her latest album, “Takin’ It Back,” along with her experiences of motherhood and personal growth.

Trainor’s TikTok journey wouldn’t have been the same without her close friend and TikTok savant, Chris Olsen. He rose from a regular guy with a musical theatre background to a comedic influencer with over 10 million followers. Trainor discovered Olsen’s talent after he posted an Instagram story mentioning her, which she reposted, expressing her admiration for his content. From there, Olsen became Trainor’s secret weapon. He provided TikTok ideas, and their collaborations evolved into “content days,” where they would create multiple videos together. Olsen’s expertise in TikTok trends and engagement helped propel Trainor’s presence on the platform.

While record labels and marketing agencies now regularly collaborate with TikTok influencers for choreographed dances and promotional content, Trainor and her team credit their success to a stroke of luck. A duo known as Brookie and Jessie spontaneously created a wildly popular dance for Trainor’s song “Made You Look,” which resonated with Trainor, everyday users, and even celebrities like Penn Badgley. Olsen believed that Trainor’s established TikTok presence played a significant role in making the single take off.

Trainor’s story is a testament to the power of TikTok in revitalizing careers and reshaping the music industry’s landscape. With its massive reach and unpredictable nature, TikTok has become the new FM radio, connecting artists with younger audiences and creating viral moments that traditional marketing strategies can’t replicate. Trainor’s journey proves that embracing TikTok’s culture and engaging with fans can yield incredible results, both in terms of fame and financial success.

The Anticipation Builds: Trainor’s “One Verse” Takes the World by Storm

TikTok’s Influence on Song Experiences and Changing Music Landscape

The impact of TikTok becomes evident in a 71-second video capturing Steve Lacy’s performance of his TikTok sensation, Bad Habit, during a concert last year. Amidst a sea of phones capturing the moment, devoted fans passionately sing along to the verse that had been popularized through countless snippets on the platform (“I wish I knew/ I wish I knew you wanted me”). The energy suddenly subsides.

In the realm of short-form videos, the way we experience songs has become more bite-sized and fleeting. Fans have grown more capricious, and their engagement with entire songs and albums has diminished.

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Gone are the days when one-hit wonders dominated the radio, drawing crowds of a few hundred or a couple of thousand fans who eagerly awaited their signature song throughout the night. As Bill Werde from Syracuse University points out, today’s fans are willing to wait all night for just one verse.

However, for music purists, there are concerns beyond this shift. They lament that artists are now tailoring their sounds and lyrics to cater to TikTok’s potential success. A song may not initially gain traction, but when accelerated and modified, it can quickly capture TikTok’s attention, propelling it to the top of global charts.

The rise of TikTok has undoubtedly reshaped the music industry, influencing the way we consume and appreciate songs. Whether this transformation is celebrated or criticized, it is clear that TikTok’s impact on music shows no signs of waning.

The Emergence of YouTube Shorts: Transforming the Video-Sharing Platform

Trainor Explores YouTube Shorts as an Alternative to TikTok, Embracing the Power of Short-Form Video Platforms

Singer Meghan Trainor Seeks Success on YouTube Shorts, Finding New Avenues for Music Promotion

In her recent music endeavors, Trainor aimed to make an impact on #MomTok and #MomsOfTikTok, platforms she frequently engaged with. However, instead of debuting her latest single, Mother, on TikTok, she was convinced to release an exclusive preview on YouTube Shorts, Google’s emerging TikTok competitor boasting over 50 billion daily views.

In March, YouTube encouraged users to create short videos using a specific hashtag for Trainor’s song, which sparked the creation of another dance by popular duo Brookie and Jessie. However, the unpredictable nature of music and the fickleness of algorithms resulted in the song garnering only around 49 million Spotify streams, in stark contrast to the over 475 million streams for Trainor’s previous hit, Made You Look.

YouTube has been emphasizing to artists and record labels that its platform differentiates itself from TikTok by attracting listeners to longer videos, including full song versions, with the goal of fostering sustained engagement over time.

Vivien Lewit, YouTube’s global head of artists, expressed their vision for Shorts as an appetizer leading to a complete musical experience. The platform aims to assist artists in breaking through, promoting new songs, and building enduring careers with a dedicated fanbase.

While Trainor holds a deep appreciation for TikTok, she recognizes the growing prevalence of short-form video across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify, and embraces the opportunities they present.

Trainor explained, “If a song is trending on TikTok, it’s likely to receive radio play. I went through a period where my songs weren’t on the radio, but now I’m in the car again, leaving dinner the other night. When I heard Mother playing, I freaked out and exclaimed, ‘Turn it up. That’s my song!'”

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