Managerial Team


Stuti Kaushik

A final year student course at Gujarat National Law University, she has obtained training in Bharatnatyam and spend her free time setting up choreographies. She enjoys reading and writing poetry. She also loves exploring new touristy places with her favourite friends and family.  She also takes a keen interest in sociological issues that challenge women in India and around the world and wishes to contribute towards elevating their position in society to that which they truly deserve. 


Ashika Jain

A third year law student at Gujarat National Law University.

Apart from being a champion in daydreaming, she finds adventure between the pages of books. She is inclined towards  non-fiction. Her all time favourite author is Jean Sasson, who retells heart-wrenching tales of women across the middle east. Is driven to work for social causes and aspires to make a difference in every tinie-tiny way possible

Deputy Manager

Shivi Chola

Currently pursuing B.Com LL.B. (Hons.) from Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar.

She has  interest in analyzing the pressing issues our country faces and implications of the same. A big rom-com buff, can be spotted binging on cooking videos or flipping through the pages of The Economist.

Social Outreach Representatives

Social Media - Head

Kritika Asawa

A final year student at Gujarat National law University, Gandhinagar pursuing

BA LLB (hons.)She is a creativity enthusiast and an avid reader, mostly delving into a lot of classics, mythology as well as new age fiction. Human rights has always caught her interest since the very beginning as it is something that she can relate to on a personal level.

Social Media - Member

Anisha Mandal

A fourth year student at Gujarat National Law University pursuing BSW LLB (hons.) is an avid traveller and a nationally awarded social worker. In her spare time, Anisha works with tribal women of Bengal, to uplift them and make them aware of their rights.
She is also enthusiastic about clicking pictures, and working closely with Human Rights.

Social Media - Member

Salonee Shukla

A third year student at Gujarat National Law University, pursuing B.A.LLB.(Hons.)

Salonee’s creativity and ability to put her 100% into everything she takes up have always gone hand in hand. She is an avid cat lover and coffee drinker; and calls herself a “people” person. She always has an opinion and never backs away from discourse.