New Form of Online Car Sale Fraud Surfaces in UAE, Warns Sharjah Police

New Form of Online Car Sale Fraud Surfaces in UAE, Warns Sharjah Police

Attention, UAE residents! The Sharjah Police has issued a warning about a concerning development in online car sale fraud. Be cautious while making transactions involving vehicles, as a new form of deceit has emerged. Scammers are exploiting digital platforms to deceive innocent buyers and sellers. It’s crucial to stay vigilant and verify the authenticity of the seller before finalizing any deal. To ensure your safety and protect your hard-earned money, always meet the seller in person and conduct transactions in secure locations. Let’s join hands to combat this emerging threat and safeguard our community from falling victim to online car sale scams. Stay alert, stay safe!

Online Car Sale Fraud Surfaces

Location Warning Issued By Fraud Method Precautions
Sharjah, UAE Sharjah Police Fraudsters use fake cheque deposits at ATMs during weekends or official holidays, taking advantage of the cessation of financial operations to deceive car sellers. – Verify the authenticity of websites claiming to specialize in buying and selling cars.
– Be cautious when dealing with unknown buyers during official holidays. – Avoid completing transactions without proper verification.
– Scammers deposit fake cheques in sellers’ accounts through ATMs without being recognized by bank cameras. – Always meet the buyer/seller in person to ensure legitimacy.
– After the deposit notification, the vehicle is handed over to the fraudsters, and the vehicle gets stolen. – Report any suspicious activity or fraud to Sharjah Police at 8002626 or 901.
– Stay vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect yourself from online car sale scams.

Sharjah Police Warns Against New Online Car Sale Fraud:

Sharjah Police General Headquarters issued a warning to the public regarding deceptive websites claiming to specialize in car buying and selling. Recently, fraudsters have adopted a cunning tactic involving fake cheque deposits at ATMs during weekends and official holidays. Exploiting the halt in financial operations, they deceive unsuspecting victims into finalizing their transactions.

Numerous reports have reached the Criminal and Investigation Department at Sharjah Police, revealing cases of fraud where scammers communicate with car sellers through these misleading websites, particularly during official holidays.

The modus operandi of the criminals involves completing an initial purchase and then depositing counterfeit cheques into the sellers’ accounts using ATMs that cleverly avoid detection by bank surveillance cameras.

The scam reaches its climax when sellers receive a text message from the bank confirming the cheque deposit and the collection process. At this point, the entire sale is considered complete, and the vehicle is handed over to the fraudsters, leaving the sellers with stolen vehicles and financial losses.

In light of this alarming trend, Sharjah Police advises residents to exercise caution. If anyone suspects fraudulent activity, they are urged to report it immediately by calling 8002626 or 901. Staying vigilant and taking necessary precautions is essential to safeguard against falling victim to online car sale scams.

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