India And South Africa Move To Wto To Waive Off Ipr To Increase Accessibility Of Covid-19 Treatment

New Delhi

Oct 5, 2020


India and South Africa put forward a request to the World Trade Organization to waive off intellectual property rights and specific provisions provided in the Agreement to Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) to ensure accessibility of COVID-19 treatment, prevention, and containment efforts for low-income nations. The countries argued that the present rules concerning intellectual property rights like patents, copyrights, industrial designs, and confidential information protection create a hindrance to deal with the ongoing pandemic. According to the two countries waiving off these restrictions may speed up the research, development, and supply of medical equipment- including medication and vaccine to fight COVID-19. India and South Africa put forward an apprehension that for developing and under-developed nations, lack of sufficient medical supplies, or insufficient manufacturing couples with institutional and legal barriers of intellectual property rules, only makes it tough to combat the virus. The waiver is requested until the time a global vaccine of the disease is available.