India Joins The “Five-Eyes Group” To Work Against Encrypted Messages On The Social Media


Oct 14


India has recently become a member of a “Five-Eyes” group of nations, which is the United Kingdom led a campaign against the end-encryption of messages on social media platforms like Facebook. Countries like the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan are members of this group of seven nations alongside the United Kingdom and India. The “Five-Eyes” mission is a global alliance that shall deal with intelligence issues that hinder law enforcement's operation by blocking access to perpetrators on these social media giants. This mission aims to unmask any terrorists or sexual predators operating on the web and building the ability to tackle their actions and ensure public safety. The seven signatories claimed that the end-to-end encryption greatly affects their ability to access such content and act against any illegal activity. Facebook, on the other hand, was quoted as saying that their end-to-end encryption feature is a demand of individuals from these countries itself, as it protects their private information on the web and keeps information safe from intruders. However, it is developing new technologies to detect, prevent, and respond to their platform's abuse alongside maintaining high security.