Transforming Lives in the UAE: Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Draw Creates 7 Multi-Millionaires in Just 6 Months

Transforming Lives in the UAE: Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Draw Creates 7 Multi-Millionaires in Just 6 Months

Experience a life-altering journey in the United Arab Emirates as the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Draw weaves its magic, bestowing newfound fortunes upon seven fortunate individuals within a mere six months. This remarkable occurrence serves as a testament to the power of dreams, as lives are transformed and destinies rewritten. Uniting a diverse array of participants in a captivating spectacle, this exceptional event encapsulates the essence of hope, excitement, and possibility. Immerse yourself in the incredible stories of these multi-millionaires, as they embrace the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. The Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Draw is more than a mere lottery; it is a catalyst for profound change and an embodiment of the UAE’s commitment to transforming lives.

Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Draw

Key Points Details
Number of Weekly Winners More than 200 weekly winners
Total Cash Won by Weekly Winners Dh8.25 million
Total Value of Prizes Given Away Dh159 million worth of cash, gold, and dream car prizes
Number of People Transformed 291 people
Number of Grand Prize Winners 7 multi-millionaires
Total Grand Prize Amount Won Dh143 million
Types of Dream Car Prizes Maserati, Range Rover, and BMW
Notable Grand Prize Winners Pradeep Kumar (Dh15 million), Ranjit Jumar Pal (Dh23 million), Mohamed Ali Moideen (Dh15 million)
Use of Prize Money by Winners Pradeep Kumar: Planning smart investments for the future. Ranjit Jumar Pal: Careful investments to support his family’s well-being. Mohamed Ali Moideen: Expanding his business.
Weekly Gold Prize Winners Each winner received 1 kg of 24-carat gold, totaling Dh1.15 million
Upcoming Live Draw Prize Dh15 million grand prize on August 3
Other Cash Prizes Second prize of Dh100,000, and more guaranteed cash prizes
Ticket Purchase Options Online through the Big Ticket website or in-store counters at Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Ain Airport

In the first half of this year, Abu Dhabi’s esteemed Big Ticket raffle draw, known as the largest and longest-running event of its kind in the GCC, has positively impacted the lives of 291 individuals. Through the generous distribution of cash, gold, and dream car prizes worth over Dh159 million, this renowned draw has brought joy and transformation to the fortunate winners. The monthly live show held in Abu Dhabi serves as the platform to announce the grand prize winner on the third day of each month. Over the course of six months, a remarkable total of seven multi-millionaires emerged, collectively taking home an impressive Dh143 million in grand prizes. Additionally, seven individuals were elated to receive luxury cars such as Maserati, Range Rover, and BMW as part of the ‘Dream Car’ category. One of this year’s grand prize winners, Pradeep Kumar, reminisced about winning a Dh100,000 cash prize with Big Ticket back in 1998 and the valuable lesson he learned about seizing long-term investment opportunities. Recognizing the significance of wise financial planning, Kumar emphasized the importance of utilizing newfound wealth with caution and prudence. Another fortunate winner, Ranjit Jumar Pal, who secured the Dh23 million grand prize in February, expressed his determination to make judicious investments that would secure a prosperous future for his family. He intends to carefully consider his options and formulate a strategic roadmap for the utilization of his winnings within the next few months. Reflecting on his recent triumph, Mohamed Ali Moideen, the recipient of July’s grand prize of Dh15 million, initially believed the calls from the Big Ticket team were a prank orchestrated by loved ones. Overjoyed with his unexpected fortune, Moideen revealed that he had pooled his funds with 20 friends, and the cash prize would be shared amongst them. With his tower maintenance company already established, Moideen envisions expanding into the construction sector and seeks promising business prospects and investments to achieve his ambitions. The transformative power of Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket draw continues to leave an indelible mark on the lives of countless individuals, inspiring hope, financial security, and future opportunities.

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Weekly Winners of Cash and Gold Prizes Shine in Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket Draw

Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket Draw Delights Over 200 Weekly Winners with Cash and Gold Prizes

The excitement continues to build as more than 200 lucky individuals secured their share of the Dh8.25 million cash prize in Abu Dhabi’s renowned Big Ticket Draw. These weekly winners have had their dreams accelerated by the incredible opportunity presented by the draw. Adding to the excitement, each week saw gold prize winners walk away with an impressive 1 kg of exquisite 24-carat gold, amounting to a staggering equivalent of Dh1.15 million.

Since its inception in 1992, the Big Ticket Draw has undergone a remarkable evolution. What once started as a monthly raffle draw for a Dh1 million cash prize has now expanded its horizons, offering a grand prize of up to Dh35 million in cash, enabling participants to envision extraordinary possibilities.

As the month unfolds, eager participants purchasing tickets for the upcoming live draw on August 3 will stand a chance to seize the incredible grand prize of Dh15 million. Furthermore, there are guaranteed cash prizes for ten fortunate individuals, including a noteworthy second prize of Dh100,000 and more. Every Big Ticket customer automatically enters the weekly electronic draw, enhancing their chances of becoming one of the four winners who will take home Dh100,000 each week.

Excitement builds further with the enticing opportunity for customers purchasing ‘Dream Car’ tickets to win a Jeep Wrangler on August 3, adding an extra layer of excitement to their participation.

To make the most of this thrilling opportunity, tickets can be conveniently purchased online via the official Big Ticket website or through the in-store counters situated at Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Ain Airport.

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Don’t miss out on the chance to become a winner in the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Draw and embark on a journey towards realizing your dreams.

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